Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Sock Monkeys

Ever since the addition of our new bundle of joy the Daddy of our household has been going monkey crazy.  Little Bit is Daddy's little monkey so he has been finding monkey toys and clothes every single time we go shopping.

Here she is playing with her monkey pull toy attached to her car seat.  (Notice the monkey on her little sweater.) I've also been scoping out the monkey fabrics at all my LQS's.  I might as well jump on the bandwagon, right?

Then last week I was browsing around on Pinterest and I stumbled upon lots and lots of awesome pictures of sock monkeys.  I was bit by the bug.  After playing with several different patterns and altering them to my own liking this was my result.

Meet the newest additions to our family: Cheetah, Skittles, and Pinkie

They really like the tree in our front yard.  I think they are missing home.

Now you too can give a home to a homesick sock monkey.  Trees not a requirement.

Check out our Facebook page for details on purchasing or email me.

You can also find us over on Pinterest.

Happy Crafting!

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