Thursday, April 12, 2012

Product Safety

From time to time I get questions about the safety of my handcrafted softies for young children.  It is widely recognized that buttons can pose a choking hazard for small children.
I often use buttons because I like the look it gives a finished product.  But when making a toy for my own baby I consider several factors.  The most important one to me is this: is the toy going to be a decoration or actually played with?
If the softie will be used as a toy, it doesn’t matter how much supervision I provide, the toy will end up in my baby’s mouth.
If this is a concern when making your own softies I urge you to consider alternatives for the eyes, wither the safety eyes that are available at most craft stores or eyes directyl sewn on the softie.

On the original Skittles I used buttons.  It is a shelf sitter in the baby’s room, our of reach.  On Skittles II I hand appliqued felt eyes with a basic blanket stitch.  This one was for a friend’s two year old grandson to play with.
The look is completely different but still adorably cute.  
The options available in fabrics are virtually endless.  Don’t limit yourself to felt.  Use your creativity to explore with all types and prints of fabric.
As always, Happy Crafting!
P.S. I couldn’t resist just one more picture of this adorable sock bunny.

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