Saturday, March 17, 2012

Mama's Got a New Bag

It's springtime and I needed a bag in some of those lighter tones.  I saw a bag in one of my quilting magazines and decided to make some alterations.  I wanted something large enough to carry all the essentials from my purse with the addition of my laptop.  I often take baby girl with me to classes and the addition of the diaper bag and carseat to carry was playing havoc with my back.  I needed to eliminate a bag.

When I completed this bag I was so proud of myself.  I took it into the other room to show my husband.  I was absolutely in love with the finished product. husband asked, "Why did you make another diaper bag?"  Way to deflate my ego. 

But now looking at it I can see possibilities in this pattern for a diaper bag....hmmm.  Just add a few pockets here and trim there.  Maybe......

But for now I am enjoying my bag as a project bag for knitting and quilting projects that I take with me to soccer and band practices (oh the joys of being a mother).

Here are a few pics of the interesting additions I made to the pattern.

Cross hatch quilting on bottom
 For the next one I would like to add some feet the base.  I hate putting cloth bags on the floor, especially after spending time putting in all the details like this quilting.

Added flap with snap

 I love the magnetic snap on a flap.  It makes me feel as if I will actually be able to keep the bag closed. "I will not overstuff, I will keep my bag organized.  I will.  I will."
Who am I kidding?

Inside pocket

I added pockets on both inside panels.  One is stitched to hold ink pens and my cell phone, while the other is left whole.  Currently the pockets are holding a needle case, spools of thread, and scissors.

Recycled Belt Piece 
 I had this metal belt that I just loved.  It has been in the bottom of my knitting basket for 3 years now waiting to be repurposed.  The clasp broke and I couldn't bear to throw it away.  The links make perfect  hardware for this bag.

Strap and Loop
I love the detail the repurposed belt link and the fabric handles and loops give.

So even though my well intentioned husband had burst my bubble, I have to give him credit.  He started my creative juices flowing again.  Elasticized pockets on the outside side panels and a row of elasticized pockets on the inside panel.  Possible different hardware.....lots of cute baby fabric....I saw some amazing robot fabric the other day....and I just found out I have a great nephew on the way.   Yes, hubby's innocent comment may have just got him more than he bargained for.

I think I need to go rewrite this pattern to fit my needs, and maybe, just maybe a trip to the fabric store is in my ever growing to do list.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Back to the Blogging World

Things have been crazy around here starting with the arrival of this cute little Christmas present.

Needless to say this beautiful baby girl has turned our household upside down.  But I am loving every minute of it.  

There has been much crafting going on and lots of pictures to share on this blog.  Stay tuned for all those little updates.