Thursday, May 26, 2016

Downtime = Upcycling

I have spent much of the last two weeks scrambling about as we prepare for our son's high school graduation. We have out of town family coming. We are cleaning the house top to bottom (or at least attempting to do so.) And we still have our normal lives with work, end of school projects, and now college registration.
There haven't been many moments to catch a breath.
But crafting must go on!
Last week my preschooler helped me turn a garbage bag of tshirts that had been headed to the dump into tarn. (Definition: tarn is upcycled tshirt yarn)
Mommy! That's a big ball of yarn!
I then turned the tarn into some bracelets.

I used the opportunity to have some great starter conversations with her about recycling and taking care of the Earth.
This started a spree through the house to find more tshirts. But when she brought this one to me I saw more potential than cutting it into tarn.

I had found this great free tutorial from Nap-Time Creations.
And we turned an old unwanted tshirt into these:

I love finding new life in old projects!
And I'm loving the process of learning new crafting skills as I go.
Go, be creative, and give new life to something in your house. And share your pictures. I would be thrilled to see them.

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