Thursday, January 7, 2016

It Makes Me Happy!

As a crafter I often fall into the pitfall of running out of time to make all the projects I have on my list.

Occasionally a gift or two gets put to the side and I (gasp!) buy a gift from the store.

Last year when my niece got married I made a quilt for her and her husband.  I also made small lap quilts for my two new great nieces!

Unfortunately, I didn’t quite complete the detail work on one of the quilts.  I took it home with me to finish up and ship back.

Fast forward 3 months and my parents came to visit.  I intended to send the quilt back with them but we had just moved and I couldn’t find the box.

So when we visited over the holidays I had to make sure that I hand delivered the precious cargo.

She was so thrilled!  She just kept hugging the quilt and from what her mommy tells me will not sleep with any other blanket.

And that is why I make handmade gifts.  The look on their faces make me happy!

Her baby brother got one of my sock monkeys too, but we couldn’t quite catch him hugging it on camera.

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