Friday, January 15, 2016

I Love Freebies!

It has been a crazy week around here as I plan for oldest daughter’s Sweet 16 party this weekend.  We have been going Pinterest crazy looking for exactly the right cake and fun party ideas.  Between party  planning and finishing a few custom orders there hasn’t been much time for designing and creating.

But thanks to the wonderful crafting communities on Facebook I have found a couple freebies that I had to snatch up and want to share with you.

Those who know me know that I am self taught at most of my crafts.  Once I start a craft I may take a class here or there to learn a new technique but for the most part I learn from books, online tutorials, and a few YouTube videos.

One thing I always shied away from was crochet.  I taught myself to knit and it just felt awkward to work with only one hook versus two needles.  But my children have a way of forcing me out of my comfort zone.  About two years ago my daughter wanted a pair of boot cuffs and you guessed it, they were a crochet pattern.  So I forced myself to pull out the hooks I had hidden away and attempt again.  Surprise! It was easier than I remembered.

Fast forward to the present and many of my custom orders are crochet.  But I still primarily knit when doing something for myself.  So I decided I needed to force myself to do something to practice crochet and challenge myself to learn something more about the craft.

So I have joined the Groovyghan CAL.  All the info about the CAL can be found here.  It’s free and the first clue was just released on Wednesday so you can still get in on the fun. And it promises to be a stash buster if you happen to be on a yarn diet.

This morning while scrolling through Facebook I found a link to a temporarily free pattern.  Again it’s crochet and looks to be just the thing that I would make for myself.  It’s called the Persephone Poncho and looks amazing!

The Ravelry link can be found here.  I can’t wait to pick out some yarn for this and get started.

What are your favorite free patterns out there?  Is there anything totally cool that I am missing out on?

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