Tuesday, January 5, 2016

A Visit to the Alpaca Farm

I hope you had a very joyful time over the past couple of weeks.  Christmas break from school and work provides opportunity for much family time.

We were blessed to join my family in Ohio for a few days including New Year’s Day.  Needless to say adding 2 (well 3 now) additional adult and 4 (well 3 now) children to my parents home can prove to be a little overwhelming.  We begin to find ourselves tripping over each other.  So we try to find activities to take us out of the house for a little while each day.

One of these outings was to a local Alpaca Farm.  My parents had visited during their open house a couple months ago. And nothing stirs up interest in an avid knitter like the possibility of yarn.

We were so excited to see babies still with their mamas in the pen.  The owners were very gracious and took us right into the pen with them.  

Alpacas tend to not like to be petted. They startle and run from you if you reach out to them.

But, as we discovered, they are quite curious.  And if you are little and can stand still then they will come right up to you.

And of course I did manage to snag a little yarn for myself.

I restrained myself and only picked up one skein of the yumminess!  So now I’m off to find (or maybe design) the perfect pattern to use this 200yds of DK goodness.  I’m open to suggestions so comment away!

If you’re interested in purchasing an alpaca and are open to pickup in the Cincinnati area check out East Fork Alpaca Farms.

Now if I could just manage to find the land (and convince my hubby) maybe I could go back and buy one of those sweet babies to bring home.

And then I need a spinning wheel.....

Oh the possibilities!


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