Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Focus, focus, focus

This time of year easily becomes chaos for my life.   It is research paper time, which for a graduate student usually means it is focus on grades time.   It is the end of fall sports (and thankfully this year no winter sports).   It is the beginning of the holiday season both at church and with family.   For a crafter that also means it is crunch time on finishing all those gifts that I intended to start back in January.  To add to that my oldest has a birthday this Friday.  My middle child has a birthday 2 weeks after Christmas.   So.......

I have decided that the only way to work through this is to focus on one thing at a time.   I can't ignore any of these areas but I need to give full attention to each thing when I am working on it.

So far this morning, I have completed a project for my seminar class and contacted a few people concerning the church-wide Thanksgiving meal.

On the craft front I have chosen to focus this week on knitting.   My oldest asked for a sweater last year.  He chose the pattern, the yarn,and we bought all the supplies.   I even knitted about 50 % of it.   Monday he asked me if he could at least get it by his birthday.   Wow!  Now that one hit home.  So I am working towards completion.  I am working on the Wonderful Wallaby.   He chose a blue Red Heart yarn.   Now I'm a bit of a yarn snob so working with Red Heart SuperSaver is probably why this project is taking so long.   But keep tuned.   I have the body and 1.5 sleeved finished.   All that remains is .5 sleeve, the placket, and the hood.   I think I can, I think I can.

Oh did I say his birthday is Friday?

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