Thursday, October 28, 2010

Going a little wonky....

A few months ago I decided to attempt some quilting.  I searched the web for easy tutorials and found quite a few that appealed to me.   None caught my eye quite as much as these wonky log cabin squares from tallgrass prairie studios.   They were very appealing.  Her tutorial is easy to follow and wonderfully illustrated.

So....I began to piece together a few blocks with some fabric I happened to have lying around.

I really liked the look, but I put them aside and went on to other projects.

Then a few weeks ago I was in my local quilt store and found a panel that just caught my eye. to justify the purchase.  Oh yeah!  I just happened to have some quilt blocks at home that needed to be used.

This is the result:

I love the frog panels incorporated into the wonky log cabins.   Now to quilt and bind this adorable top and place in the gift closet for future use.

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