Sunday, October 18, 2015

Anchors Aweigh Hat and a Free Pattern

Once the creative juices start flowing I find that I can’t stop.  Working on my Red Regiment hats (see post here) started the hat making process. And now the hat making process has progressed to a hat designing process. 

For this hat I utilized charts by Jacqui’s designs found here on Ravelry.

I’m just so excited about this new hat that I had to share it!  And I’m sharing it as a free pattern to you!

This pattern assumes a knowledge of working Fair Isle or stranded knitting as well as the ability to read charts.

Materials Needed:
US sz 7 16” circular
US sz 7 DPNs
125 yds worsted weight yarn in MC (royal blue)
50 yards worsted weight yarn in CC1 (turquoise)
50 yards worsted weight yarn in CC2 (white)
30 yards worsted weight yarn in CC3 (pink)
stitch marker
yarn needle to weave in ends

CO: Cast on
PM: place marker
K: Knit
P: Purl
Kf&b: Knit in the front and back of the next stitch
K2tog: Knit the next two stitches together

CO 100 sts with circular needle and MC using your favorite cast on for ribbing (I used the Old Norwegian Cast On because I wanted it to have some stretch with the ribbing.)

PM and join in the round, being careful not to twist stitches.

Work in K2,P2 ribbing for 2.5”

On next round increase 20 stitches as follows: *K5, Kf&b* repeat * * around

Knit 4 rounds in MC

Next work wave chart using MC and CC1

Knit 1 round in MC

Then work Anchor chart using MC, CC2, and CC3 (I used 4 stitches of MC between each anchor chart.  This allows for 6 anchors to be evenly spaced around the circumference of the hat. Also I added the pink anchor as an accent.  This requires some finagling of the pink floats but I think the overall look is worth it.)

Knit 1 round MC

Knit wave chart using MC and  CC1

Knit with MC until hat measures 8.5” from cast on edge.

(switch to DPNs as necessary)
 Rnd 1: *K10, K2tog* repeat  * * around
Rnd 2: Knit all
Rnd 3: *K9, K2tog* repeat * * around
Rnd 4: Knit
Rnd 5: *K8, K2tog* repeat * * around
Rnd 6: Knit
Rnd 7: *K7, K2tog* repeat * * around
Rnd 8: Knit
Rnd 9: *K6, Ktog* repeat * * around
Rnd 10: Knit
Rnd 11: *K5, K2tog* repeat * * around
Rnd 12:  Knit
Rnd 13: *K4, K2tog* repeat * * around
Rnd 14: Knit
Rnd 15: *K3, K2tog* repeat * * around
Rnd 16: Knit
Rnd 17: *K2, K2tog* repeat * * around
Rnd 18: Knit
Rnd 19: *K1, K2tog* repeat * * around
Rnd 20: Knit
Rnd 21: K2tog around

Break yarn and pull through the remaining stitches.  Pull tight and pull yarn to wrong side of the hat.  Weave in ends. Block as desired and enjoy.

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