Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I'm still here!!!!

Life around the Rathbun household has been a little crazy in the past few months.   We learned we are expecting unexpectedly.   Our new bundle of joy should be here the first of December!
As a result things have been a little out of routine for us.

But now that we have adjusted to the idea of our newest blessing, it had become a time of preparing.
I've been busy trying to finish up some UFOs so I can get started on all those cute little baby quilts and accessories.

This one is the center of a quilt I've been working on for hubby.  Still need to finish the outer border for this quilt top.

But most of my "free" time is currently being spent on hairbows.   I make and sell throughout the year but usually football season is my highest volume.  Of course that may be because this year both of our daughters are cheerleaders for our Little League.

I have seen a lot about sharing the process on many of the crafting blogs that I read so here is my attempt to share the process.

This is what my craft table currently looks like.  Looks almost organized doesn't it?  HA!!!  Unfortunately this table is currently set up in the middle of my living room.  Every year at this time hubby and I discuss my need for a separate craft room but there just is no room.   And now with a new baby coming?   But we do have some ideas that I hope to be able to share soon.

The above picture is part of an order for my daughter's Little League community.  Bows for all three levels of cheerleaders should be finished sometime today.

Here is how my family spends out home football games.

My 8 year old cut off my head when she took the picture.

Fighting with the wind to keep the bows on the table is always a challenge.

I love creating and hairbows have given me that outlet as well as a way to help with the fundraising for our Little League.  

What about you?   How does your crafting and creating inspire you?  


  1. great ideas! have you looked at pinterest.com? it would be another good place to 'pin' ideas of your own and those of others

  2. I haven't looked at that site yet. Thanks for the idea. I'll have to check it out!