Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My name is Amamamma and I'm a Craftaholic!!!!

I admit it!   I'm addicted to crafts.  I must be to have the to do list that I have.   Tonight I was reading through the blogs that I follow and I found this.

 I love this!!!! It is hosted by

And there is a Flickr group too.

I think I may need a professional intervention.

Now off to finish up the quilting from the previous post so I can start a new project or two form my to do list.

Happy Crafting!!!!


  1. Hi Amanda, My name is Pattiann and I'm a craftaholic/sewingaholic too! ( hiding my head in shame) I guess I need intervention also because my s/o he keeps telling me to "use up what I have a home before I head out to my local Joann's and quilt shop! Laughing!

    I joined Then Birdie Stitches BOM group and I have been having a great time stitching and observing all the wonderful talent over there! I saw your new blog listed and I thought I'd come over and say hi and become your "first" follower!

    I'm also playing along with Postage stamp quilt along (ps I quilt) and Quilt Gallery's "Mug rug" swap...(see I do need intervention...ha!)

    Good luck with your blog, and "I'll be back soon". Cheers...Bouncy poodle

  2. Hi Pattiann! Thanks so much for stopping by. Hope to see more of you. I've been tempted by the Postage Stamp quilt along, but so far haven't taken the plunge. I also knit and am involved in a couple KALs. Hubbers says no more!!! LOL!

  3. I feel your pain Amanda! If you can sew a straight 1/4 inch seam, the postage stamp quilt will be a breeze for a beginner. I'm half way through sewing my strips, and I think I should be done before Monday's next installment (set of instructions for part three!).

    I have dabbled a bit in Knitting, but it just didn't takeoff for me. I love making mohair Teddy bears, but thought I'd switch gears and head into quilting for a change of pace. (And I'm loving it!)
    Take care and I'll check back soon! BTW..nice to meet you Amanda